March 14, 2011


i dunno what is going on with the turkish government and blogspot now, its really messy. at some point there was almost no way to access, at some point i could come to blogger and write new posts but couldnt access the blog itself, at some point i could write new posts but couldnt add photos... to go around the block people are using google DNS-servers but occasionally they didnt help either, perhaps the gov is following up on the stuff and ...i dont know but its annoying when i never know. i could still use email to send my posts but i also like to go around read other blogs that are not on my RSS feed.

the livingroom lamp looks nice actually.

new curtains. not perfect but pretty good.

the mirrors look nice. from IKEA.

my birthday cake, yesterday. so a day late actually.

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Marizu said...

Ihana kakku niinkuin Turkissa ne on aina..niiiin makean näköisiä että vesi herahtaa kielelle1
Onnea vielä tätäkin kautta!