March 13, 2011

under his watchful eyes

yesterday was quite nice. i got up at noon and felt very 31 years old....

we went out to do some shopping in the afternoon, got a big poster for the wall and i go a shirt, and some jewellery...:

i got a small spike for the 2nd hole and big flower earrings. also, a lego-style ring which barely shows here.

we got this poster from a streetseller, 5tl (70x100cm)

doctor made me a birthday breakfast today. tasty...

this is his minimega sandwich

as everywhere in turkey, schools, cafes and hardware stores, the Atatürk-demigod is always watching and protecting the place. so i wanted to get one too.

the blue/light turquoise kitchen curtains

last week we got this dishwasher. yay.

this is what the evenings are like.

on friday i was out with Egemen and Ali, and they ordered this 6-shot plate. very nice.

i miss a few of my friends in finland, other people not so much i guess. but im lately missing my SUPERPUPU computer a lot. she is awesome. and im thinking if i should go get her... another option could be that Arttu sends her to me but the courier-services are horribly expensive it seems. also, i still wouldnt have a screen then...

yesterday in the evening we met some friends, and i talked to a friend of mine who said she tried botox and was happy with it. she knows this doctor who is doing it like on house calls and stuff... we talked about her contacting the doctor and yea, maybe she will get botox again and i should study the subject more too, in case i am interested. hmm.

now, i oughta go watch some bunny videos on youtube, they make me happy.


Marianne said...

Mulla on tuo samainen neito vedessä seinällä. Oon ostanu Tukholmasta joskus. :)

Lukas said...

The picture is called "Lady in the Water" and was photographed by Toni Frissell. It was first published in 1947 and is therefore due to it's age even more remarkable.