March 12, 2011

umm decorations.... what do i WANT to argue about on my 31st birthday??

what we argue over in our family? (hmm, is family a proper word for 2 people? if asked, i would say yes, but 'family' for me seems more adult than what i am...i dont know...). we argue over the shared internet among other things. we only have 4MB for which we pay (incl. the compulsory phone line) over 100tl/50e a month. when downloading, hat speed is not really enough for people. buuhuu, life is hard... would much rather be in japan escaping from a nuclear plant....

also i admit to being bitchy when doctor bought sheets for the bed on his own, and got colors which i didnt approve of. now the deal is that i am trying to be less bitchy nowadays. and we have deep discussions over the color of sheets and other home items.

i want to spray paint some stuff on the bedroom wardrobe, since it seems like i wont be painting the whole thing.

this is the flower i want on the other door....

some of the lamps we are thinking of putting up.

chairs and napkin holder and napkin from ikea.... this is part of our livingroom.

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