March 30, 2011

small rant #326

my experience with home exchange is so far that one time when i went to Tel Aviv and exchanged homes (and friends) with Lihi, and that was a very good experience indeed. in my home exchange fever i signed up to a lot of sites...(homeexchange, 1sthomeexchange, exchangezones - the last one was successful for me)

i also signed up at exchangeaway which now has a brand new fancy layout. they sent some "new features blah blah" private messages to users the other day, and now i am getting a notification email from them every day about these same messages. how wonderful. their email has no opt-out link or info - very unprofessional these days. the website then. i sent a message through a form on the site asking how to de-activate my property/profile and didnt receive an answer. in fact, the website simply doesnt seem to offer any chance to leave altogether, i couldnt even find where to stop the emails im getting. and there is absolutely no info on the company that is willing to take your money if you pay for the exchange-service. fancy website but a total disregard on user rights.

i wouldnt mind doing home exchange again in fact... right now just doesnt seem to be a good moment.

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