March 29, 2011


not my day. im quite stressed and anxious. everything is getting on my nerves. and i had nightmares in the morning before waking up.

Arttu has agreed to bring SUPERPUPU to turkey when he and Eufemia are coming in May. now starts the planning of packing. how to make this long and dangerous tip safe and comfy for her. i asked around for a box from Verkkokauppa - the computer stoee. they can be arrange something. and Marianne already informed me that she has succesfully transported computers from one country to another, and had some tips. but im feeling quite emotional and scared now anyhow, what if something happens.

in Apprentice episode 4 they made an ad phone? like a telecom kind of... err. its 2011, sure i wanna use a landline with a tv screen. im sure there must be a market for it in the US but i dont care.

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