March 27, 2011

interior designer jenni

yesterday we went to a private hospital in Göztepe (MedicalPark, which seemed like a shopping center to me, but okay, the doctor was nice and spoke English, and as usual she had an assistant there, handing out a paper and whatnot help) in order to further investigate a persistent health issue of mine. a new diagnosis again, but still not certain. we will see. i can consider myself lucky to have a doctor who is "monitoring" me at all times :D

we parked the car near our home, found a spot someone was just leaving, and the seller guy was there immediately to set his stuff back , leaning on the car. he was selling ataturk-pins. i got one :D

in the evening i made a thing to put on the wall. i bought this foamy but semi-hard board, cut it and covered with ikea-fabric. it can be just stuck on a nail on the wall easily.

the bottom looks shorter for some reason, in the photo. but it isnt. im yet not sure if it should be set sideways like a stop or danger -sign, or like a red cross -logo.

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