April 03, 2011

Can't Help Falling In Love

i got my check from the book publisher a week ago. i went to Akbank near my workplace where they were trying to push me to go to another bank altogether. i presented by debit card and said i am a customer of Akbank and deposited checks there before so i know they accept them. they proceeded to check and found that my local branch is in Kadiköy. so they told me to go there. somehow i was expecting this... i went to the local branch yesterday morning then. upon seeing a check they immediately told me to go to yet another branch in Kadiköy. i argued that this was my local office and i have deposited checks there before. they had to agree and just pointed me to another representative. i was there for 35min then. a lot o copies were taken as is common, of my passport and both sides of the check, faxes were being sent and phone calls being made. i got friendly service and the rep told me the cost would be around 30dollars and processing time 3-4 weeks as before. we will see... finally she asked for a phone number and i gave doctor's number. they did call him in fact, and asked him where did i get the check from and what for. hehe.

on friday i was out with Kübra. we went to our regular bar Tezgah, and then Oytun, doctors friend, happened to come there too. small city, it seems...

saturday night there was a birthday party of 2 of my swedish co-workers. it was fun, there were lots of people, foreigners and locals both.

the living room still seems a bit empty. we need to go to IKEA and fix this. cant buy anything big and expensive now, but SOMETHING. im satisfied so far :)

i watched Black Swan tonight. i didnt like it as much as i thought i would. but i am in a pretty good mood now. listening to Elvis and windowshopping shoes in eBay. i didnt buy shoes for like 4 weeks. and i forgot to list some here.

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