April 06, 2011


ive been proud of the turkish actions in the middle eastern crisis. mediating, evacuating... especially i was happy to hear about the cruise ship turned floating hospital that was sent to Misrata to pick up wounded and foreigners.

im looking at summer shoes from eBay. there are lots of cute flats but my heels would kill me if i went even near... i got one pair in which i figure i can fit the heel pads in... Istanbul has a very big selection of shoes of course but the style is usually not to my taste, and if it is, the price isnt.

i shall buy my flights to finland today, the prices have gone up so much (probably cos Finnair quit the Istanbul flights?) i am afraid to wait any longer. i think i have checked all the necessary conditions, Arttu and miss R are around in June, my employer is okay with the timing of my vacation and is there something else i dont remember? cant remember the last time i was in finland during midsummer, so... its weird. we are still not exactly sure if and how or when could doctor come, he is starting a new job soon so taking so much time off is not possible right away and also finland is an expensive place to travel to. its biting me too now :( and the joy of applying for a visa! 60e and pleeenty of paperwork, documents from employer and bank and so on. still, i think it would be very important for doctor to see midsummer in finland, it is so different than winter. people are different too. and he is missing finnish sausage :) so i think we should figure something out...

i didnt get the voting notice in mail but if i go with my ID to the consulate on friday it should be ok.

interesting about turkish banks is that a transfer from one bank to another costs approx. 3tl/1,5e, but its immediate. in finland, its free but it can take up to 2 days... so basically instead of charging for the transfer, the finnish banks are sitting on the money and making profit of it. i cant tell which one is more annoying.

i wonder if i already remembered to link to the photo exhibition Fallen Dreamers which is going on in Slovakia. there is about 8 of my photos there.

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