April 07, 2011

unlucky number 13?

the mornings have become difficult, im just not interested. once i get out in the fresh air i feel better, but i wish waking up wasnt so depressing.

we installed lights over the bathroom mirror - much nicer :)

tomorrow i should go over to the finnish consulate and vote! i have a few favorites but they shouldnt have trouble getting in to the parliament... so instead i will opt for someone else that i find smart, sensible, logical and so on... Muhamed Husein aka Husu. i think we really need an immigrant in the parliament...and one with good ideas about immigration and integration.

i think tomorrow is my long overdue hairdye day...

my friend VV&spouse + some of ther friends are coming here in august! yay :)

i licensed another book cover :) the publisher asked to use an image and we got into an agreement and im happy :) its a photo with Miriam on it, out of all photos!

we got flights to finland now, for the midsummer :) me for a longer period, and doctor for a little shorter, he has work... the new job is starting in a week or 2 i think.

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