April 08, 2011

top chef turkey

im still fighting with my Wildfire. its coughing and freezing here and there, and apps have their own issues too... in fact, while in finland round new years i was very close to getting an iPhone - i was so desperate i was thinking of giving it a try. but it turned the country was empty of iPhone 4's and unlocking a used one seemed risky and then i was considering iPhone 3 but...it didnt work out. i dont mind now, but it is a little tiring cos i cant trust my phone too much, or i have to prepare it to be slow and stuck.

i bought expensive bread (3tl/1.5e) today and watched as they sliced it for me in this machine.

ive been trying to cook lately, nothing too elaborte but anyway... the lack of frozen veggies drove to look at options from the actual vegetable section... sometimes i find familiar things... but its so seasonal too...argh. and why is canned tuna so fuckin expensive here, anyway?? in finland its cheap.

other tasty looking things at the bakery; chocolate cake etc.

the market...mushrooms in the foreground.

olives...and more olives i guess

i made kumpir all by myself;

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