April 27, 2011


a new lamp we got from IKEA last week. blueish ligh bulb... needs changing.

we moved the old livingroom lamp to the bathroom. and attached 2 new spots over the mirror.

bunnies on sale 25tl/12e. we saw them last weekend when passing a pet shop and i spent a while petting all of them...:)

the office i work at. thats Karin, a swede.

at the nearby supermarket. they were just arranging the shelve in a very... relaxed manner.

the couch we got last weekend (LILLBERG from IKEA). and me painting it.

we had some posters printed today... i gave doctor a memory stick with the files and sent him to the printing shop, he had a day off today. this is my own design, with a mistake that i just noticed when it was too late of course. but i like it, considering its just a 15min thing meant to look nice, i wont put it anywhere where it gets too much attention, just something easy to fill the wall i think. i was inspired by this piece by flixic. but obviously, im not a designer like s/he is...:) hmm, the print has a little more color in real life, but i did keep it pretty muted and soft.

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