April 29, 2011

its sunny today

i have a pretty set schedule most mornings. first i eat some muesli and do my make up, then run out of the door at 8:47-8:51. or exactly half an hour or an hour later... aiming to catch the ferry. if i dont have time for breakfast though, i buy a sandwich from Simit Saray and then a coke zero from a shop next to our office. actually, i get the coke either way. i need my morning coke. lately ive also drank coffee at the office. ive somewhat gotten used to coffee actually.

that will be changing though i guess cos i pretty much resigned today. the new business with new conditions, contract and salary in the end didnt make me comfortable, so i want to find something else. i was made the project manager of this new (3-week) project yesterday though, so i will deal with it, and then go. unless something unexpected happens, and in turkey, it usually does.

yesterday i got a call from the bank, but she didnt speak english and i gave the phone to Elin. Elin understood as much as my cheque has possibly gone through, but they needed me to go to the bank for some reason anyway. so this morning i took doctor and went there. they just wanted my signature on some papers, something that should have been done when i brought in the check. i recall the exact same thing happening once in Helsinki with Nordea. there, they were pretty fuckin apologetic about calling me back though and gave some umbrellas etc as "compensation". but the money was put on my account, they charged for the process as they said they would and it seemed to be fine. me happy.

its good the housewarming party isnt tomorrow, this week has been so hectic with other things and my mind has been busy with these work related issues. now i feel pretty relaxed and good though. i could watch a movie tonight i think. and have 1 drink. i enjoy the little things :)

i just had pizza for late lunch!

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