April 30, 2011

saturday of a 31 yr old

i went to Erenköy today to get my eyebrows permanent makeup redone, some color hadnt stuck and so. 2 rounds is normal. and then i also had eyeliners done. im so unlucky that its painful for me, whereas others say it didnt feel much. they use the local anesthetic cream Emla, but it really doesnt seem to help me much.

the backroom space which looks quit professional was reserved for something else after the eyebrows were done, and so i was moved to the front room of the salon for my eyeliner procedure. two girls in fact felt comfy sitting on chairs right in front of the table and staring at me the whole time. beauty salons like this are often semi-cafes... friends of the owner hanging out there, people coming and going, drinking tea...

a flattering close-up... i think by next weekend the extra color has come off and they wont look so fresh and dark anymore. i hope my eyelids heal too.

at home

after everything, i went for a coffee with Elin who lives very near the salon.

after coming home, doctor had almost finished cooking, he made something delicious, but as usual for a whole cavalry... so we will be eating this one thing for days now....:D

we put the big photo up. i guess it should be in the middle above the couch? oh well, whatever. but i think this corner is more less okay now. painted couch is shiny black, yay!

i did this poster and with a small lamp from IKEA, it gives a little detail to the otherwise awkward and dark bookshelf corner.

i got this small poster from the internet of course. and there is a mirror in front of the toilet for the pleasure of all man kind. and i wasnt planning on covering the washing machine...BUT. the side of it is so close to the toilet seat, and sitting on the seat the cold surface of the washing machine would always touch my thigh! omg it made my life so MISERABLE! i had to cover the side somehow. and since i had this piece of fabric, well... it was so easy to just throw it on the thing... so now we have a covered washing machine like all good turkish families, except it doesnt cover the most important part, the front. also, this one does not quite resemble a wedding dress as they normally do, so im not sure it would pass an official turkish evaluation...

this big poster went into the bathroom too. easy to read if youre sitting down...(also we put a mirror straight opposite to the toilet). and i admit to simply taking a poster from the internet, tweaking it a bit and printing it on a board. here is the original poster work by sikuriina though.


i bought this dress yesterday, its about knee length. 14,50tl/7e.

i like the zipper detail on the shoulders

window installing in turkey. shot from the office window a couple weeks ago.


laura.sirkia said...

Well, maybe it won't go for a wedding dress, but it's surely an engangement dress! ;)

jenni said...

hehe :)