April 25, 2011

i wanna do sports

DHL called today, they are delivering my new credit card. then i just need the mail to bring my PIN code.

we decided to change the date of the housewarming party to may 7th, Arttu & Eufemia are coming next week and really wanted to join the party, and i agree it would be nice. also, it would be nice to have yet another week to manage the home stuff in order...we still dont have all the lamps up etc...

ive been feeling a little bit uninterested lately. and i do think im a little less pissed and angry now that my forehead is botoxed. i think. but yea, uninterested. that sucks.

someone recommended me to watch Shameless, it should be really good.

the aussie guy, Ben, from couchsurfing, was fun and i showed him around kadiköy. i had a good evening.

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