April 25, 2011

i feel so sleepy :(

im wondering how IKEA, being so smart and effective in most of its choices regarding the products, their assembly and packing etc... could use the most horrible gluey price tags and stickers... they just dont come off. especially the IKEA 2nd hand (showroom & returns) sections neon orange stickers... its like, if youre so cheap as to buy their 2nd hand shit, u have to carry the sticker of shame on the product as a bonus.

on saturday evening we just decided to make a move on the couch thing, and when we found one that was somewhat decent and negotiated the price down to 200tl/100e, and it was quite close too. doctor went and got it with Gunilla. who would think u can fit a 3-seat couch in a Kia Picanto?? dissembled of course. still. its IKEA's Lillberg with the black/white flower-pattern cover. not my favorite couch by any means but i suppose it works for now, i just feel better having the stress off my chest. it leaves me free to stress about something else. the frame was light wood though so today we got paint and i started painting it. as usual, i lost interest pretty soon and doctor took over.

my couchsurfing host from syria is now looking to get out of the country... understandable, tings are NOT cool there. but finding a job in turkey is not easy either. i was suggesting he could perhaps teach arabic... some business people might be looking for arabic classes.

today im supposed to meet someone from couchsurfing, an australian, and show him around the asian side.

i finished the software user guide translaation along with the screenshots. and now im waiting for further tasks or instructions. meanwhile, the weather is still shit, 13C or whatever. i should have stayed in finland perhaps cos its 20C there now.

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