May 10, 2011

do i feel empty?

the weekend passed by very quickly. sunday was almost non-existent, as we didn't get up until 6pm, due to a killer hangover. didnt drink so much but over a long time, 12 hours i think, so that explains i suppose.

the party was a success though. im pleased with how everything went. i think we had around 30 or more guests.

i almost forgot about blogging for a bit. ive been so busy with Arttu & Eufemia and workstuff and other things...

this is the current state of our living room. this was before the party.

we also set up a projector to show film clips during the party.

offerings... food stuffs made by Eufemia...pasta/tuna-salad and bread with haydari and humus. and walnuts. popcorn and chips were scattered in bowls elsewhere. and punch!! i made very fruity (red or green) punches as usual... with absolut melon, finlandia fruit fusion and the like.

the party

goggie in the middle of the street, this is almost next to our flat.

and next sunday is doctors exam in Ankara. after the party and the exam, which we have been waiting for all spring i think, what is there?? what now? how about a shower and an episode of Apprentice? :)

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