May 07, 2011

warming the house

the day has come. housewarming party. Arttu & Eufemia are here to help the preparations so thats good. last night we were out in Taksim with them. we happened upon a taxi that tried to totally screw us over... and partly did, by driving a longer route. and i didnt have enough words to complain properly. when finally in kadiköy, he was trying to get 5tl extra for the bridge toll, i said no. the change was 11tl and he gave me a 10... which normally would be ok, but i was really pissed so i demanded my 1tl. the athmosphere was anything but friendly and calm at this point, and upon giving me the last lira, he grabbed my hand and kissed it. so i slapped him. then strugled out of the car cos the door was locked, and slammed it. cant remember the last time i did that.

all this made me wonder how i have changed in my time in turkey. Arttu noticed from the backseat that i wasnt wearing a seatbelt... and in finland i recall bitching when someone was speeding 90 at an 80 zone... now i was still comfortable at 140km/h last night in the city highway. my finnish quests were not though, which is probably smart and i told the idiot to slow down.

ive been setting up SUPERPUPU for the past day. updating softwares and so on. feels wonderful, i'm really excited to have her with me. i oughta take a photo of us and put it on FB.

okay i need to go clean up for the party...

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