May 05, 2011

need to clean up!

for the party, its good no one lives downstairs. upstairs, there is some "weird" guy, who can speak normally as ive heard him yelling in the hallway, but mostly we just hear him making weird "aaaaaaargh" if he was retarded. every day. despite turks being very laid back there is always the chance of someone calling the cops if they dont like the noise. but in this case i guess the only risk is the guy upstairs - we dont share walls with anyone.

once, when visiting a friend here in Ist, he was playing music pretty loud and it was like 2-3am, indeed the cops came cos someone called. they just asked him to turn it down a notch. all well. my friend is smoking grass and whatnot all day and night, so he got lucky they didnt come in. his flat is just full of all kinds of pipes and weird systems... but he is a sensible okay guy. i admit i was a little stiff holding a glass of red wine when the police appeared at the door, although i was just a guest, i think it *might* not be good to be caught in a flat full of grass.

FreedomHouse published their yearly freedom of press resarch and Finland is at the top. thats comfortable. unfortunately Turkey was at #112 or something...


roland deschain of gilead said...

having police come over during a party is a situation i am familiar with. the cops that come to your door have no right to enter the house because they do not have permission papers from the attorney general (this sounds like hollywood movies but it is true) they also have no permission to search the house or whatsoever. they just come over becuase someone made a complaint call and they come to check if that person is right in his complain. thankfully, drinking at home is still not illegal so you dont have to worry about it.police will only look through the door so just make sure to put away anything that can be seen from the door. if anyone calls the police it will be because of noise and as soon as you turn off the sound and assure the police you will not turn it back on then there will be no more problems.

above info is not valid in switzerland. there police comes and makes sure everyone leaves the house or they can take the house owned into custody. usually people gather in houses and then leave altogether for a club.

jenni said...

i am a little worried that in turkey the police might not follow all the rules exactly if they dont feel like it. the laws are bent a lot and i dont trust the justice system so fully either :( flexibility is everywhere and goes both ways.