May 04, 2011

i should go get a haircut

im so not going early to bed tonight! im a rebelling teen! i have been working from home in the evening actually, writing some emails about domains, keywords and whatever else the website building we do entails.

im wondering if killing bin Laden was really so cool. i dont think he was leading the org much anymore, so whether he lives or not... and now, surprise surprise, the followers will want revenge. it will just go back and forth forever. i think he just had to be killed "because". cos they said so. cos they threatened so. i think jail would have be a much better place to have bil Laden think about his deeds. im not really thrilled about the whole thing.

need to dye my hair tomorrow.

im wondering who will actually show up for the party. in turkey u never know... ppl dont even confirm the FB event invitation, and if they did, u still wouldnt know! so, ok, i dont mind not reacting to the invitation, i created the event more to just inform people and maybe it serves as a reminder since i started hassling ppl about it such a long time ago. in turkey, tomorrow would be a proper time to invite people to your party thats on saturday.

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