May 27, 2011

project manager manages project. and its a goal.

the project at work was finished today. i feel very relieved. and getting some praise from my boss didnt hurt. and the client seemed happy which is what counts. so we did what was expected and a little more. now im looking forward to next week as we should then discuss my salary and future projects.

next week my task should be learning Wordpress something. i know the idea, like, u can publish sites, and indians can code the layout if u give the design to them. but i dunno how much more there is to it. thats what i am supposed to find out and learn. a very likeable task actually.

i got a haircut (12tl/6e) and pedicure (18tl/9e) on tuesday. very happy about the pedicure. they overcharged a little but i think its worth it so nevermind. my hair then...well i never get what i want and that seems to be common in Turkey, everyone is saying the same thing. so. now i will let it grow again to grow out the damage.

last night i was out with Kübra in Taksim.

one of the bars.

we started talking with some british people in one bar. this kitty was hanging out with us.


i bought some new books from the nearby Greenhouse bookstore today. its one of the few English bookstore in the city. this is my favorite shelf in the big store. middle east and turkey culture, politics and gender studies and all that stuff.

i got these...

The New Cultural Climate in Turkey: Living in a Shop Window by Nurdan Gurbilek

A Handbook for Living in Turkey by Pat Yale - a very interesting book full of info. of course i know my way around here already but i learned a lot by just skimming over a few pages. very useful stuff for the real every-day life, written by another foreigner.

Women and Media in the Middle East by Naomi Sakr

Danziger's Travels: Beyond Forbidden Frontiers by Nick Danziger

and some random book How People Tick... i dont expect much from it but i needed something less deep...

my feet, on the ferry going to work. i should have taken a photo of the whole outfit. since its now really warm i am just wearing nice (mostly) black dresses and feeling light :)

im thinking id like to try living in Spain. or US. or UK. or Berlin (it is it's own country...). i strongly feel this way. even though im happy here, right now.

yesterday i spent the expected nearly 3 hours renewing my residence permit. i succeeded with the help of doctor and can go pick it up next week. i should write the process down...

Mikael Granlund's amazing goal at the hockey world championships was published as a stamp :P

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