May 25, 2011


the t-shirt weather makes me happy. its not too hot yet, just nicely warm.reminds me why i like the city so much.

work stress has been quite horrible. the project should be finished by friday. and it will be, but of course it didnt go perfect and there are still things to do and im sure something unexpected will come up.

the finnish consulate in istanbul is closed for 2 weeks so now im stressing over the visa thing too... if we should go to Ankara to apply for it in order to not be late.

and i booked myself an appointment for tomorrow morning to get my residence permit renewed. however im still missing the money on my account and a proof of that money which i need for the renewal (300 usd/month). the money transfer thing should be easy but once again, to get turkish bak clerks to print a bankstatement and stamp it- that can be a challenge. which im starting to think will not happen by tomorrow morning, so i should cancel my appointment? argh.

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