May 19, 2011


ive been enjoying the Red Bull sugarfree's Arttu bought while here and never drank. the 4-pack is my hourly wage so i dont buy them too often... :P

today is the national holiday so i slept late. then went out for shopping for food and stuff. on my way i said hi to the fortune telling bunnies just outside the flat, fed the random kitty with kibbles i carry around now and stopped over at the pet shop to pet the tiny kitties without their mom. im not sure i feel overall good now. the little kitties were miserable alone.

when we were young, me and doctor both were both watching MacGyver, Married with Children, Knight Rider, E.R., Alf and Once Upon A Time...Life . and since the end of 90's, we've shared Ally McBeal, Scrubs, House and Nip/Tuck. he also followed Nils Holgersson (Ucan Kazan Nils in Turkey) i sometimes like talking about these old things, pop culture stuff. also i love remembering TaoTao (tao tao theme youtube).

I hear Obama said that the Palestinian state should be based on pre-1967 borders with agreed swaps. i think this is a start, they both need a country thats pretty clear.

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