May 20, 2011

weekend. finally.

we had paid the internet but yet this morning it was cut off (and the browser automatically redirects to a site where u can pay, which is a great fuckin service of course). i wasnt sure what was going on so i left doctor with the issue when i left for work. turns out somehow there was yet another unpaid bill - doesnt make sense, need to check later from the account whats going on. anyway, until late afternoon i was in uncertainty of what will happen. its not so rare that something is just broken and u arent able to pay though the web system after all and then at the ISP's shop there could be a 2h queue and in the end youre just FUCKED.

so, round 5pm i was worried if i would dare to leave the office at all... the thought of the weekend without an internet brought tears to my eyes. and i wish i was joking. i didnt actually shed tears but my eyes got watery. doctor is doing a 24h shift from tonight until tomorrow night, so i already constructed a plan in which i go to his workplace (they have couches and stuff where he can sleep, im sure i would fit in there too somewhere). Arttu also suggested some emergency plans.

luckily, doctor managed to pay the extra bill and then i ran home!

on my way i managed to feed one kitty cat too, but on top of that, the fortune telling bunnies were right outside our front door! there are a few familiar bunny-teams in this area, and these guys i know the best; Osman & Biter:

i like to try speak turkish with bunnies. they are not very talkative but at least i get to practise. the owner said they had just eaten but how could i be sure??! i went home and sliced some cucumber and the bunnehs ate it like there was no tomorrow.

there was an earthquake in turkey last night. apparently it was felt even in istanbul, someone said their house was shaking (seismology stations confirm). and according to the map, K├╝tahya is preeeetty far. so if someones home was shaking from last nights quake... i can almost foresee what will happen when Istanbul's time comes...? i seem to be very resistant to these quakes, so far its been shaking several times during my time here and i never noticed a thing. ill probably pee in my pants when that finally happens.

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