June 26, 2011

and why am i so bloated, is that about the weather too??

midsummer was nice, Salla's little summer house in the middle of the woods in the city of helsinki served as a very neat party location. we grilled food (halloumi, sausages, tofu, pork...) and chilled out.

a view from our boat on thursday.

on monday i hung out with K & ulkokalliolainen and we ended up at K's place where he cooked some awesome pizza :P

on my way back home i photographed the city bunnies who where all over the place...

today we oughta go do some shopping, doctor is going back to istanbul tomorrow... he has to carry his share of sausages and ciders.

my skin has been really dry again, and my hair is often "flying" in the air. now i remember why using hair products was so vital to me before... doctor is suffering from dryness as well, he sneezed blood the other day, exactly like he did 6 months ago. and my scalp is itching. tough! we keep picking up cans and bottles from the trash as neither of us remembers that they are to be recycled here.

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