June 28, 2011

the embarrassment of modern life

last day in helsinki. for now. some more minor shopping to do (some spice mixes and such) and several people to meet. the weather is getting much better now of course, 22C and the city is getting lively. i was hoping doctor would experience the city like this. oh well.

i got iphone 4 last week and the micro-sim (for my finnish carrier) on sunday so since then ive been learning to use it. in my shame of 'going apple' ive been keeping a low profile on this. i have a post-decision making hangover and so i shouldnt make any hasty decisions. i think in a week or 2 i can tell how i really feel about it. so far i AM experiencing stability, but also i am missing a LOT of features. my feeling is that android is much further in development and more flexible, but maybe they hurried to that point too fast. i might be waiting for android to get their shit together... but i think i was supposed to wait a while with my analysis...

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