June 29, 2011

shopaholic memoirs XII

i got back home today. with a horrible hangover. how embarrassing :( i met Sebastian, Tiitta, Karri & miss R last night, one by one, and one drink led to another. miss R's company is always enjoyable and so, im running out of excuses here. anyway, i caught my flight and all is well. i enjoy being back in my turkish home and back in the arms of doctor.

the flight was enjoyable though cos i had good company. 2 finnish guys on their way to elsewhere in turky for some sailing. they had a very good vibe going on. then, i spoke to this finnish girl/woman who lives and works in saudi arabia. rather interesting stuff, about no taxes and being paid to live in a villa and such... but the interesting part was, she has a turkish husband who lives in istanbul, not far from us. so she visits here frequently. and then, we were talking and she realized she has been reading my blog occasionally. what a small world...:o she could be moving here later, that would be nice, more finnishness...

picture of Tiitta yesterday. taken with my *gulp* iphone (and hipstamatic app).

gay-tram. it said "rakkauden ratikka" (tram of love) on it. quite a cool sight in the sunny helsinki.

on sunday we were at Arttu's and Eufemia's small summer cottage which is on an island in helsinki. very idyllic spot, with a sea view and a sauna nearby etc. doctor had a sauna with Arttu & Hannu and actually swam in the sea too which was brave of him - i dont think the water was too warm...

this is the lovely summer meal A&E cooked.

Hannu and his gf showed up later and Hannu played his accordian. if this wasnt a traditional summer evening in every sense, thn i dunno what is.

i unpacked my bag and took photos of the stuff. ive been lazy about that lately... but its nice to have these photo memories. even if its just "stuff". apparently i like stuff and so the photos representent me accurately then.

some soaps from Lush. a jello soap called Sweetie Pie and a more traditional one.

probably the craziest piece of clothing ive ever bought... it made me roll my eyes but somehow i was forced to buy it. it was 7e t H&M. the fabric was so lovely, very retro. i dont even know what is this thing, pantsuit a lá 70s?

classic linen pants. i just bought almost identical white linen pants a few weeks ago, typically without trying them on first. so, they were too small. ops.

i already have this dress in black, bought it from H&M sale in Dubai. this white version was on sale in helsinki. i really like the pocket detail and how light the dress is, and very unpretentious...

i had Tigi shampoo on my shopping list. they had canged the packaging though, and im not sure i like this new look. but the shampoo is as before so whatever.

past year (or 2) i have been buying underwear in this style, nude or light pinkish tones and vintage feel, almost fragile...

some cosmetics. Lumene day cream in arctic cloudberry and a skin serum in the same series. 2 different kinds of hair "powder" which i think suits me better than traditional hair styling products. not that i use them much. sometimes i go weeks without putting anything at all in my hair. i want to change that, i want to pay more attention to my hair again. then i got travel size shampoo and conditioner, the old ones were finished or gone bad. then, a Lumene foundation and 2 MAC foundations. also got a powder (decided to start using traditional powder again after many years) and an eyeliner. oh and id been yearning for a new perfume for a while now, and i had set my eye (nose) on Versace's Vanitas. sweet and stylish, sexy as hell scent.

i impulsively bought this Helsinki-bag (25e) upon seeing it. its not my usual style but maybe thats good.

this shirt is very basic. works well with jeans. i bought a pair of jeans too, 15e at H&M.... typical worn blue look.

last night in a new bar called Stones.

last week in Porvoo at my grandmom's place, having coffee etc.

this site animalsbeingdicks is amusing :)

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