June 30, 2011

my nice thursday

i think the shops are scaringly uneducated about how people can manage iphone 4 with other sim-cards and phones and switch in between. i was ready to pass iphone 4 altogether just cos i was told by shops that there is nothing i can do with my phone/carrier -switching issue.

but i googled and bought a micro-sim adapter online. seems to work. it still means that switching sim's is a hassle, but at least its possible. which reminds me that what always bugged me about apple users is that they want to brush off any difficulties or problems as if they didnt exist. im surprised for example that this micro-sim bullshit hasnt gotten more attention, it causes consumers unfair trouble, and perhaps carriers too, but at least they get to charge consumers for the new sim (10e Elisa, 8tl Vodafone TR).

we went to Vodafone today to get a turkish micro-sim for me. it was the same shop where they told me last year that i cant become their customer to begin with because i am a foreigner. now, despite being their customer already, as i expected they told doctor the same, "not possible". then they were asking for any papers they could think of (passport, res. permit, proof of address etc of which most i had with me cos i was prepared!). doctor persuaded them to call somewhere to ask for advice and somehow, then, the case progressed although they didnt look too cheerful.

micro-sim adapter. the package came with a cutting frame if u want to make your normal sim a micro. hmm.

i think now i should really dive into the app world. i already got all the regular stuff that i "need" (HS, spotify, pulse and an RSS reader) and some that might come in handy some day (Voddler, mirror, photosynth, msn messenger, find iphone...).

i should also start compiling my in-depth analysis of iphone vs. the rest.

i just realized ive used them all now. i had nokia's for years, then a windows mobile at work, then i got htc android last year and now iphone. i have EXPERIENCE. not surprising for a 31 yr old, though. ahem.

a kitty

im wondering if i did something out of the ordinary, my right knee has been feeling weird for the past week or so. not exactly hurting but there is something going on.

*listening to Paradise Lost: Enchantment*

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