June 10, 2011


yesterday Melisa came over and we had a good evening, talking and solving all of worlds problems. or at least finding them. or perhaps creating a few more. we had a good dinner and good discussions. kurds, hijabs, vaginas, porn, mens body hair, etc.

on tuesday evening the Iraqiis came over to stay with us the last night. on wednesday they had their first ever trip in a train, on their way back home. i was left with a feeling they liked Istanbul :) im really glad to have found some nice people from Iraq to chat with about the current and past affairs.

im wondering what happened on wednesday. probably nothing. i bought a newsPAPER on my way to work, the Daily Zaman. i quite enjoyed reading an old fashioned newspaper on the ferry.

today after my work we are going to drive to Canakkale. weekend trip. sunday is election day so we plan to be back by then.

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