June 07, 2011


the sun is shining and my office window is open and im blasting 80s hits with Spotify. i still feel alone, sure, but im in a good mood anyway. a co-workers friend dropped by and brought vodka and red bull so we are having drinks.

last night doctors friend Oytun came over to visit us as a surprise and we went out. and tonight i am going out with my ex-coworkers, Elin, Lea, Karin etc. this is not healthy. i guess its a summer thing.

i think they sound a little childish ("we do not forget, we do not forgive" etc) and im not sure i sign the statement "governments should be afraid of their citizens" (any more than the opposite of course) being a naive woman from finland, but NEVERTHELESS i smiled a lot because of this video on youtube by the Anonymous group

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