June 17, 2011

before the trip

finland tomorrow. doctor will follow me a few days later. im quite excited about going, to meet friends mostly. also i need to do some shopping, now that buying online and getting stuff delivered here is uncertain i think its better buy a few things from finland. like Tigi shampoo and MAC cosmetics.

the courier brought doctor's passport wth the visa today. 1 year visa :) makes things easier for the next time.

the air conditioner (Baymak Elite 9000) arrived, we paid 750tl/375e for it (got a discount), and it was installed yesterday. looks very fancy! PLUS its works :D now im trying to learn all the fancy functions but somehow its difficul, even with the manual. so i think ill just stick to turning it on and off. according to the thermometer which is in the AC remote control, ur flat was 27C today, that was some time after we turned the AC on. i could still manage in that temperature altho its not very comfy. i set the AC to go to 24C instead of trying to cool too much, i dont like it when its gets too cool inside, i doubt its healthy switching between extreme temperatures... also, gotta think of a nice balance so that when the electricity bill comes, we wotn slit our wrists...

anyway its not very hot yet, ill try manage without AC as much as possible, it will be needed later in the summer...
i am noticing how its started to bother me to think that a shop in helsinki is closing at 4 or 6pm on saturday. it seems inhumane. and weekdays at 8 or 9pm. feels like it would make life difficult... i remember of course that i wasnt so bad, i was used to it. but now it seems too annoying.

our dinner yesterday. shrimp something, as made by doctor. and i bought stuffed mussels from the seller outside or flat, he is there almost every day. these were actually a bit spicy for my taste.

the AC.

2 dogs and a cat guarding a book store. hmm.

my tolerance of alcohol has gone down here, slowly. its good but also bad. i think i might kill myself by going to finland now (and out with friends). midsummer especially is dangerous. i should make a plan.

thursday next week we are going to Tallinn, i booked a return trip for 18e/person. we will spend the afternoon there. then friday is midsummer and ....yea, we have a busy schedule every day. ive have a data plan for my finnish phone connection and electricity to the flat and all should be set :)

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