June 01, 2011

glada påsk

i just learned that there is a holiday in scandinavia thu & fri... easter! id forgotten it exists. yesterday i claimed there is no holiday in finland anytime soon, and wondered long and hard what could the swedes be celebrating for so many days... anyway, good for them. i think so far there was just one holiday in Turkey this year... because they were mostly during the weekend.

edit: turns out it wasnt easter. that was a while ago. instead its Helatorstai. and now im very confused. the swedes are on holiday today and tomorrow, and monday, aren't the finns? uh, whatever.

the summer is making itself aware. sweaty thighs, shiny face... i am starting to think of the air conditioner daily. we went around the shops the other day and confirmed what the internet said; we need 12000 BTU. those things are expensive! 1000tl/500e easy. thats quite a lot to invest... just saying. but i know in a few months i will be just DYING from the heat.

Today's Zaman article: "Turkey to hire 40,000 native English speakers as guest teachers". well, i think there already are 40 000 teachers, just unofficially. lol. but another 40 000 wont hurt, there is a market for that... :)

the office is really lonely without my coworkers. there was just Karin left here and she is now on vacation and stuff until the fall. in another room there is a 3D modeler and the local supervisor in yet another room.

i have actually been working quite a lot and effectively this week. stuff with emails and forums mostly. but its at least not boring. i use spotify to entertain myself and occasionally read the news. but i really dont like being so alone here.

doctor has a couple of night shifts in a row now so im alone at home too. this morning we met in taksim though, to go to the consulate and apply for his visa. i hope that stuff goes well... i didnt have my res.permit with me as its still at the police station for renewal -it would have been useful addition to the application. i gave my tax file number instead.

i dont really mind being alone at home occasionally, but its been a lot lately. and sleeping alone is not so enjoyable anymore. and i cant find myself to do anything else except watch tv shows. CSI and so on...

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