July 10, 2011

another one

on friday we were just chilling out unitl Elisa & O invited us for visit and we went ahead. they had a nice modern flat and a huge garden, where we could sit and enjoy mezes and drinks.

the wedding then...

the wedding ceremony starts at an official building. the couple is on the far right in the photo and people queue to hug and kiss and congratulate them, and attach gold coings or money on their clothes, there is a girl standing with needles to facilitate this. and then you pose for the photographer with the couple. a few steps from that there is a printing station printing the photos and selling them to the guests. at the end the couple is covered in gold and money.

after this, people go and wait outside and wonder what is going, was this is or is there a party. people asked around and someone knew there is a restaurant we shoukd be going to. a little more asking around and we found out the name of the restaurant. thank god for GPRS...

we found the restaurant. there were no seats assigned, people sat wherever. the wedding couple arrived along with the videographer and 2 photographers. they started going around posing with the guests. a little later the sellers were walking around with the fresh prints, which you are expected to buy at 15tl/7e or so. the waiters came to ask for what drinks we want, and soon they started to bring out the dishes. plates were coming one after onether, mezes, salads, bread, kebab, chicken... one guy would put a fork on n front of you, another would place a knife on it... someone brought meat, another one rise..... my guess is there were about 100 guests.

we were friends of the bride, doctors former supervisor. this was the 2nd marriage for both of them.

the bride dancing in the middle of the dancefloor.

the view from the Camlik-restaurant was quite impressive... i could see the city on the left and right...well, minus the sea in front.

in the alcohol shop the other night.

today i met Melisa for a couple drinks. warm days at the terrace are great. and we received an iraqi guest, living in Iran, whose working on websites and coding. so we have some things in common. he is staying night or 2. doctor is working today and tonight... so i wont see him until tomorrow.

my iphone 4 is officially dead i think. so much for getting a working phone.

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