July 09, 2011

no service - im closed for today

ops i forgot we are supposed to go to a wedding tonight. time f departure: 15mins. :S

and ive been fighting with my iphone again. i just have the shittiest luck with phones. i dunno if its the phone or SIM but it keeps cutting of the network/carrier. now it seems permanent. ive googled the shit out of it, and tried everything besides jailbreaking, to no avail. a lot of other people have had this 'no service' issue with iphone too, so im not alone, yay. but many of those others did not find a solution other than getting their phone replaced at an apple store, nayy... this is exactly the risk i took when bringing a phone from abroad. i think the warranty is useless here. and i dont even have this thing registered yet. the clock is ticking. fuckin fuck with these phones...

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