July 08, 2011

the world is shrinking. but im wearing my summer dress tonight.

on monday we received some guests through airbnb. british. on tuesday we went out, to the bar street. there, suddenly i was knocked on the shoulder by Pelin, whom i havent seen in AGES. she has a cafe nearby and we went out once over a year ago, but thats pretty much it. anyway, she disappears just as quickly, and leaves her friend there. she is Nil, or Nilla which is her new name in finnish. Nilla and i start talking about her fascination with finland. how do i always find these turks that loooove finland?? anyway, she is moving to finland next month, has a job for 1 year, going to learn finnish, then apply to university and live happily ever after. much like the guy i started talking to in facebook a couple months ago. the turkish guy had moved to finland a couple years ago, learned finnish etc. we have 8 common friends in FB which is surprising enough. anyway, so since Nilla said she is moving to finland, i said she should maybe talk to this guy i know, and then it turns out they have been dating. broke up just recently in fact. what a small, FREAKY world.

my work today was mainly about reading a book regarding usability testing (Rocket Surgery Made Easy... by Steve Krug) . thats what we are going to do at work -usability testing- i got the news yesterday. well, these topics are close to my heart :) i should make a kind of scenario for our old web site now and so.... but it was a nice day, i love learning new and i stayed home today - office is hardly necessary for reading a book online. in the afternoon i had a late lunch with Elin.

article: when Sweden rules the world
education related article: the finland phenomenon

when doctor went out today to pick something from the store -in the evening- he ran into Elisa & O on the street. they recently moved nearby. they came over to sit with us for a while and then invited us to visit their home, they got a nice garden to enjoy mezes and drinks. so we are going there tonight.

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