July 01, 2011


i heard Google launched some kind of a social networking thing called Google+. yet it's invitation based and very limited so far. if it was for the testing period, cool, but as i understand it, they totally launched it and everyone is making a fuzz. am i supposed to be jumping up and down to "get in"? im not impressed yet. to make it a really major thing, they need everyone (or at least 500 million users or so), and that includes me. so if im not "invited" more less directly (a notification in any of my dozen google services would do) im pretty offended. not waiting for a coveted invite. and, how unimaginative is that name, huh??

last night i spend a good hour or so trying to figure out how to get the ringtone i wanted. i was upset that nowhere it said directly "apple doesnt really want you to have any ringtone, period". i had to figure this out by trial and error. although i should have guessed maybe. u can buy some ringtones from their iTunes store, i learned. but there is the usual list of top hits incl. Pitbull, Voltio and other artists ive never heard. Rihanna and Britney are also featured. as well as Muse and Green Day. but i had no luck in finding the songs i want. and its simply very difficult to make your own ringtone. finally i found this instruction to make iphone ringtone from demogeek. takes a good 15mins for someone whose never used iTunes. supporting artists is cool but if it also means i simply cannot get a random 80s hit as my ringtone i think its evil.

True Blood has started again but i dont feel excited. last year i got more and more disappointed towards the end of the season, i kind of gave up. all the stuff with witches and transformers and whatnot.... too much. still, ill see how it is.

update: when Eric Northman showed up and flashed his fangs, my panties suddenly soaked wet.


amandarini said...

i got this site from my bf. it's where he got his ringtone a year ago. hope to work for u too.

jenni said...

umm, "this site"? sorry i got - confused what do u mean?

amandarini said...

obviously i forgot to give u the link :}


jenni said...

oh, thanks a lot!