July 03, 2011

work starts tomorrow...

yesterday was a nice lazy day. i was internetting and doing laundry. in the evening there was an electricity cut. those are not common and usually only last just a minute or 2. but this was going on for over 15mins so we decided to go to IKEA. i wanted a new rug for our bedroom, finally.

we got a GISLEV rug. grey with flowery outline drawing. its not amazing but itll do. what bugs me is that IKEA in Turkey is not so cheap really. i could buy many of the things cheaper from finland. not just relatively cheaper but in actual currency. craziness.

also we bought new bedlinen, SMÖRBOLL in grey.

im still a bit uncertain about the bedroom colors. these items were grey, but i have been trying to make it more colorful but then we got strong colors like purple and red, and yet the furniture is very mellow wood or white... its a mess. ok, perhaps not so serious. and i am again a little bit stressed about how long we are staying here and what for are we decorating anyway. there are so many future scenarios and what will really happen is probably something different anyhow. i cant figure out why life is so uncertain and everchanging here. i am appreciating it too, and i should try relax even more. i think the stress is causing me some health issues, sometimes rash sometimes something else.

the future scenarious depend on doctors specialization exam (in september) and what happens with whichever way that goes.

Miriam has been writing to me from Kongo/Rwanda. she has confirmed that Kongo is NOT a nice place, plenty of unpleasantness, a rape and a robbery attempt later she is not feeling safe. but shes figuring out other options to make africa a home for 6 months or so, which sounds good. she said Kigali is ok and i could go see her there. africa sounds really interesting so i am definitely looking into this.

after IKEA last night, we managed to arrange me to go to a hospital in Capa today, where doctors orthopedist friend Murat is working, he could give me cortisone shots to my feet (plantar fasciitis/heel spur) - i think ive had enough of the pain. doctor is working today so i must go alone though :( anyway so last night we went to the pharmacy to buy me the cortisone (3tl a shot) and some local anesthetic (4,50tl) to be administered first. there is no way i am taking huge cortisone shots without anything. there is no guarantee that this works either so im thinking of just testing the effect on my left heel first since its worse.

there is something wrong with the new micro-sim i got from Vodafone, i am not able to log onto my online banking system with the phone verification as usual, and i couldnt load 'credits' on my account from a cash machine either, got some error message... of course it was a bit much expected for things to go smoothly. gotta go to Vodafone tomorrow after work with doctor.

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