July 03, 2011

summer child

Poland is the new EU president and on its way to ban abortion completely. no abortions for women who were raped, women whose life is in danger - no one. how shameful. openminded EU huh? worried about muslims, when this kind of blatant denial of human rights is happening in the very core.

i thought i had 2 months time to register my iphone (=phone from abroad). guess not goes today it started behaving odd (i got some weird shit AD from Vodafone like 78 times and other odd stuff) and then it stopped working. while hopping back from the hospital with my right foot i stopped over in a Vodafone shop where they said the issue is registration. they could be wrong though, naturally :) its turkey, so who knows. but i guess my best bet now is to find someone with a passport & fresh stamp on it, or rely on the shady phone shops that do registration illegally but possibly not permanently.

this seems good: "how to organize your records - in case of emergency"

so i went to the hospital for the heel spur shot and the whole thing was almost a 5 hour trip. 1 hour there, another one back, missing the boat, waiting some more... the orthopedist, Murat, was in surgery so i had to wait a bit. it was nasty, bearable, but nasty. had to lay there catch my breath for a while after the shot. incredible amount of stuff was put in that heel, the feeling of pressure was VERY uncomfortable... and then there was the balloon of a heel that i could not step on. Murat took me to some office room to relax a bit, and then i started hopping on my right foot towards home... i leaned on my left toes of course but then the foot was hurting and i had to stop to sit here and there. nobody told me it would be this hard! should not have gone by public transport. i just hope going to work tomorrow is easier. cleaning up the flat tonight is challenging, i work some, then sit, then continue... either way, im thankful i could try this for free, and in good hands, maybe it helps.

on of the many buildings in the Capa (medicine school) hospital area. Acil = emergency.

i was somewhat amused by the text in the cortisone product packaging, "IM RETARD". maybe i am.

this is where my torture took place.


my new fav toothpaste :) not too 'minty' or strong. yet an "adult toothpaste", instead of kids...

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