July 04, 2011

same difference

i was reading some posts and articles on status symbols today. i never understood the Prada & Vuitton bag mania... well i do, but i mean, i dont get it. especially fakes, if u dont look like u could afford one, then why bother? and if u can afford one, well...why would u wanna express it to the whole world? i guess humans have to do that stuff one way or another. peacocks show their tail and we have a logo here and there. hmm. my new handbag that screams "city of Helsinki" on the side is just the same, in a way. but its the only "logo"(widely speaking) that i am carrying as far as i know. im ashamed of my iphone because i dont want to associate with it and i try to keep it hidden. i guess as important as it is to show off who you are, it is to try hide "what ur (supposedly) not". im in the closet?

i had my brand phases though. in 2004 i had a brief Guess-season, which lasted for about 6 months if not longer. Canada's fault. i suddenly went all pink and bling bling. there must have been other similar time periods but i dont remember when. i used to have a thing about cosmetics... hmm. and ive permanently 'branded' myself with tattoos. so, i guess there is no difference.

Arttu got me into watchin Game of Thrones. surprisingly addictive! and the warrior guy who speaks something like arabic looks identical to a guy i know in Helsinki, Mikko. i photographed Mikko years ago but that photo doesnt really display the same features :(

now im still in the process of learning to use my iphone. finding faults and plusses.

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