July 13, 2011

a Mark in my Circle

tonight i was supposed to meet Melisa & Senni The Travel Guide but the plans have changed a few times by now. I still might be meeting Senni and a friend of hers.

before leaving work i oughta meet a finnish woman i know through the Internet, from the discussion board 'finnish women with turkish men'...heh.

Google+ is in alpha i think... handling posts like digg frontpage instead of a constant stream (twitter) makes u wanna kill some people. muting a post at a time is ridiculous. and making a default stream consisting of say, friends 6 family is impossible. possibly a matter of time though, i hope. i will be having a very limited and carefully chosen group of circles if they dont fix this. FB has 'top news' which is slightly similar but even that has a timeline... and i never look at it, i wanna see the recent posts.

Google+ also keeps suggesting some old email contacts as friends. like, a work contact from months ago. clicking the box away doesnt help, it comes back. also, G+ thinks i should be friends with Mark Zuckerberg ? uh?

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