July 14, 2011

im losing track of days

i am trying to find out how to create a 'contact form' on a wordpress site. i feel stupid. i have an idea but im not sure. still new to this.

the graphic designer for the current website project was not hired after all, or fired (?), cos he didnt show up today. instead a guy named Enrique was chosen for the job. i should contact Enrique to come over to discuss the site design and stuff. i think im just amused to be dealing with someone named Enrique :D

im not looking at the weather reports lately. this season its all the same. hot or really fuckin hot, doesnt make a difference, im wearing minimum and thats all i can do.

still struggling with the phone thing. should send it to finland. turning out to be an expensive phone, as if it wasnt that to begin with...

meanwhile i enjoy reading 419eater forums for enjoyment, the scambaiting stuff.

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