July 15, 2011

well at least its friday

i never really got the point of Foursquare. and me feeling of it is like its been around for 4 years at least,and im just not interested. i honestly dont remember what its about, social something, maybe postingvideos and something like tweets...uh. anyway, this morning i got an email from them which for some reason i actually proceeded to read! it thanked me for 'believing in our little startup' ? how many years can a company be a startup? also i didnt think they were little. the email celebrated reaching 10m users. which is what G+ got on tuesday i think. ok, not fair to compare. the email also informed me that i am their member #24,431! thats surprising.

i went to Foursquare website and turns out its about checking in at locations and 'shouting' something, like 'cool bar!' ... i dont know how that differs from... whatever they normally use. im not into that practise.

G+ then... people there are trying to figure out how it works, it is THAT different. some kind of a mashup between twitter and FB. and more. here is a flowchart showing if 'user A will see your post' (@ansonalex). and....im still puzzled. my gut feeling is that if u need a flowchart to figure what part of your stuff is visible to whom, it migt not be optimized for, say, 100m people. maybe one doesnt have to think of it SO far though, basically in G+ u can follow others and post ur own stuff. i do appreciate being able to limit my 'vomit' to friends only.

i am a little annoyed at how slowly people are joining G+ though. i know this is the early adopters phase but its pretty useless if no one is there. and its hard to really figure out how to use and what is it good for until its properly populated.

OMG i hear my health insurance (compulsory in turkish companies/government) should be valid or seconds from being valid. thats awesome... ive been waiting for this. i didnt think the day would come...

now off to the notary with my res. permit....

my local boss is leaving on vacation today. and the company owner left yesterday. there is just the 3D modeler left.

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