July 20, 2011

out out out

coming into our livingroom is like stepping into a fridge. but its 26C in here, actually - i am keeping the AC on these days. so im not sure what to think about that.

my phone made it to finland safely. now im waiting for Arttu to take it to the shop and probably then a few weeks minimum as they "take a look at it", that would just sound proper consider how well this whole smart phone thing has been going for me so far.

i am now using HTC Wildfire again... just now the phone rang and it said Melisa is calling, but just before i picked it up, the name changed to Volkan. it was him. interesting, though.

Melisa suggested going out to Caddebostan seaside, where we can have beers sitting on the rocks. so we r going tonight with some friends, old and new.

i should definitely see HOP.

*listening to Hope of Deliverance by Paul McCartney*

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