July 30, 2011

tomorrow i want a burger

i ended up on a site with a video of Jordan Knights recent appearence on some US talk show called Lopez Tonight. a minute to it, i had to press pause because i felt such collective shame...

im thinking of where my browser has actually been the past few hours... i remember reading stuff at G+, loking at some profiles there (tech people mostly), then somehow ending up at some reality tv site, and from there to that Jordan Knight theme. after the Lopez clip i was led to a random groupie page. from there i got to some Morrissey news (about him being a 'bigot') and from there to a website called morrissey-solo.com (their webmaster was banned from Morrissey concerts). then, reading another news piece about Morrissey i went to another fan site of his; True To You. and when i got into writing this blog entry i also started to read about the shared/vicarious shame topic.

on fri we got t-shirts in mail, i had recently placed an order with Threadless...
i got 2 shirts for doctor
follow it

and 2 for myself
i am older than the internet

doctors shirts. the white v-neck is thin super soft but v-necks are always risky, its tough to carry one...

one of my shirts. ive come far from the gothic look!

im feeling quite cheery. wearing a red dress, i threw a white scarf on and went down to the shop opposite our flar just to buy an energy drink. blue energy drink! the shop keeper offered me some of his bread. the warm air felt good.

i was doing laundry again!

i read the Ramadan starts tomorrow. means empty restaurants during the day. hopefully faster service for me. im certainly not jealous of those fasting in the august heat.

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