August 01, 2011

its a bit odd how im enjoying life lately

im wondering if F1 drivers have groupies too. of course they must. and i wonder what its like to date a guy who is reaaally obsessed with cars. driving fast and risking your life (at F1 track), ok... but the car obsession... uhh. turn off. but i guess everyone has their obsession.

doctor read from my blog that the Ramadan is starting today. he is not always exactly up to date on the current events :D

the germans left us a bottle of nice german wine. we will open it on a special occasion some time.

someone just reminded me that after Ramadan there is Bayram, a vacation of several days. i should definitely use it to my advantage, and hopefully we can go somewhere with doctor too. not far tho, his exam is next month. ive been thinking of going to Bulgaria cos its so near and its cheap to go there.

CSI always makes me feel sad for the characters, they are all fulltime workaholics... not only are the singles missing any social life (altho supposedly they all got hobbies) but many have kids! the government is an irresponsible employer in the CSI world. but a rich one too. i mean the techonology, lol, pretty "fancy".

i had a hamburger for lunch today, me and doctor both. from Burger House = fancy expensive 15tl/7e burgers. it was tasty tho, a pesto burger or something.

and that ends my "what happened today" entry.

should i try scuba diving in Florida some time? i dont think i have any interest though.

found a new possibly interesting feminist blog 'the beheld'.

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