August 01, 2011

so im just...

i havent used Make Up For Ever in years but this news piece about their new ad campaign is VERY delighting. photoshop free ads! sure, they still must use supermodels but this is a major step towards the better. will probably remain as a random occurence, says the skepticalk voice inside my head, but... id like to believe!

of course fake and photoshop are my friends and i dont think they should be banned but the fashion industry and media have taken it a bit far.

i found this Alanya-forum in which each bar has its own thread. basically it serves as a discussion board for foreign girls to compare the guys working in those bars? "have you met Emre? he is sweet, we spent some time together in june". well, nothing wrong with consenting adults doing whatever. i just found the forum amusing.

last night we went to Migros to buy Camlica Light. it's one of the veeeery few light drinks available. in fact, besides Coke zero and Pepsi Max, i havent seen ANY. none. only Migros or very big stores might have Red Bull sugarfree but thats hardly something i would like to drink on daily basis. yet, im quite stubborn with the zero-calorie policy. ive seen all kinds of conspiracy theories on how poisonous they are, but i could hardly care if there was cyanide in it. Camlica Light is much like Sprite Zero, which doesnt exist here. i think it was launched just recently, but its still quite hard to find, so when we see it, we buy all of the bottles (5-10).

i think there should be laws regarding cars and motorcycles that are too loud. they make them loud on purpose! cos its...uh, cool? hah. also, if its cos the car has like, 300 000 horse power, i say its not necessary!
reminds me, i still didnt get that drivers license.

ive been reading Alain De Botton's Status Anxiety. not bad at all. better tha the title suggests perhaps.

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