August 15, 2011

any last words on a sunday?

i went out with Elisa & O. so after meeting a finnish girl (Maiju) i went out with another. i guess ive become a finn hoarder.

then, in typical turkish fashion, i walk into Nilla and other people i know. after Elisa, i join Nilla & the others who moved from Belfast to the Teacher's Pub. we had a good time, there is no doubt about that. phone numbers were exchanged, the middle east conflict was resolved and nuclear power plants were somehow worked out out. there were people studying political science, middle east politics and working at al jazeera... so, it was heated no doubt :)

also im thinking, if the series CSI had a go at my murder scene, theyd be so screwed. despite the cleaner last week, there would be so many dna and whatever stains leading just about anywhere.

ive been thinking about a testament lately. it just feels weird. what am i supposed to write there - who should have my computer? i still think these things dont matter after ur dead but im starting to feel like i should have a testement as well...somehow...umm....*shrugs*. its surprising to me how tough this stuff could be.

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roland deschain of gilead said...

belfast to teacher's.... sounds very familiar. i missed getting drunk and falling into an endless pit of political arguements with "the guy who works for al-jazeera".
the above sentence pretty much sums up my 17 to 25 years of age.