August 05, 2011

friday, hmm...

my phone is showing the wrong called ID again. it looked like the doctor was calling me but it was the noodle place where i just ordered lunch from. and meanwhile, my iphone is exchanging hands in finland. the express delivery of Senni is bringing it to turkey. i dont know what to think anymore, this whole phone thing is such a nightmare.

the cleaner was in our flat today. she was horrified upon arrival cos our place was 'so messy'. uh. yea, there were magazines and other things, like dirty glasses, on tables, but no trash on floor or anything. and we don't even have a lot of "stuff". seriously, she should have seen my flat in helsinki, lol. our flat was mainly dusty and the floors needed cleaning. anyway, so i got a nice guilty feeling which i didnt appreciate, if the flat was all clean why would we call a cleaner, anyway?? so she said that since it is so messy, she cannot clean the windows. uh. ok. at 2:30pm she was finished with the flat though and called doctor that she is done and leaving. doctor mentioned the windows to which she said that it should have been done in the beginning, as cleaning them will bring dirt into the flat... err. whatever, she is 'the professional' and should know how much and what she can do in a day and i felt like it didnt go so well. also i was hoping she would have cleaned the fridge but maybe thats something you have to especially ask. anyway, so im a little disappointed... it's quite clean but a little less than i expected.

tomorrow Elin has a dinner party. im looking forward to it.

last night i watched The Great Buck Howard. wasnt bad, i enjoyed.

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