August 08, 2011

im horribly bored.

our american guest (via Airbnb) arrived yesterday. hes from san fransisco, although originally from Bolivia. he has been doing some research kind of work in Kosovo. and told me that Bulgaria is like Russia. hmm.

i was exceptionally suffering from a hungover yesterday so that got me down a bit...

tonight after work i am getting my iphone from Senni. then i will find out how much of the apps and stuff i can restore with the iTunes back up thing, since this is a new phone. but hopefully i can finally continue testing and experimenting with the phone to find out how it really suits me. after all this trouble, it better.

i realized VV & spouse & friends are coming at the end of the month and will be here during Bayram-holiday. so i should consider how to time my trip to Bulgaria accordingly i guess. either way it will be wonderful to have some holiday again :)

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