August 09, 2011


my iphone came home last night. although its brand new, i felt like it was the one that got ill and was sent to finland. not that we had such a strong bond, we were only in the beginning of figuring out if we are a match. anyway, i connected the phone to the computer and after registering (the always wonderful first step...) iTunes suggested syncing my phone with an old backup. that was the nice part, definitely. but the apps wouldnt sync, i had to google and fight my ass off. i am still clueless as to what was the problem, but finally it happened. so, then all was good, my old apps, settings, everything. now im just trying to remember how to use this thing again.

things are moving at work again now that everyone is back from holidays. im trying to find more people to hire, and putting together writing tests to check if possible applicants are suitable. also i got plenty of new tasks managing things.

i need a shower and sleep.

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