August 11, 2011

why cant it be friday already

after 1-2 months of sun & heat, today i woke up to a dark sky. the weather had turned cold (21C), brrrr, and on my way to work it started to rain. a welcomed change.

tomorrow Oytun has a party at his office near taksim. me and doctor suggested him to hold a party cos we are too lazy right now, its someone elses turn.

i need to figure out some serious relaxation methods. im so stressed so often its ridiculous. and unnecessary.

ive been thinking of this app. a way of sharing pics with public & friends. basically, just sharing on instagram (browsed via iphone interface, it doesnt have a web profile) is not a very good idea in my opinion, if people stop using the app for any reason, well, there goes ur audience, and maybe pics too. but uploading to the instagram-album is automatic and compulsory. so, if u JUST wanted to share a photo with 1 friend, i think thats not possible. the effects are fun and i like many things about the app, altho it lacks the possibility to rotate the photo for example. so the phone better be oriented correctly when u shoot. so, a lot of nice stuff, but really just for public sharing purposes. to make sure you actually keep the photos safe, u should send them to several services (FB, flickr, tumblr...). which is easy. u can send an email LINK to anyone also, but it just sends the link, not the photo, which is annoying for me. it would be a way to save the photo. if one wanted to browse photos by strangers though, its quite easy, ist a main feature of the whole app. things are very 'insta' with Instagram, u share now or lose the photo forever, there is no middle-ground.

then there is Hipstamatic - another iphone app but one with the most hideous user interfaces in history i believe. and an annoying name. altho i guess these faux-vintage photo apps really are the hip thing right now. Hipstamatic is heavily trying to get user to buy prints of their photos. also there are prominent links to "contests" (?! whatever) and "family album" (no idea, never clicked). sharing to services like FB and Flickr happens one at a time, but it's quite easy. Hipstamatic's effects are set at the time of shooting and provide results that cannot be perfectly predicted, but i think they could be a little bit funkier than the Instagram counterparts. deleting prints (=photos) is a pain in the ass though. Hipstamatic is missing the front-camera option for selfportrait-babes.

both apps are well integrated to social networks (Insta a bit more so) which is a requirement for anything, and both produce these cutesy vintage pics that would otherwise be just ordinary shit photographs. adding contrast, grit and light effects is well known to make anything look cool, but while i recognize that im not against effects and 'fun' per se. there is nothing wrong with making everyday shots look cute, its not anyones loss. its eyecandy and gives the shots more charisma than they would otherwise have. so its fine. was i getting to a instagram vs hipstamatic comparison and conclusions as to which one is better? i hope not, and here is one comparison anyway. both have one big minus though, they only exist for iphone, and while i dont know if theres any plausible reason for that, i think its snobby and narrow-minded. also, they are both missing the 4:3 ratio, i guess old school square is just SO cool...

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